Why an Octopus?

To help answer this question let me introduce Spinelly.

Spinelly is a kinky, queer, non monogamous, friendly non binary octopus. Their pronoun is They/ Them. Spinelly is very playful, curious, mischievous, empathetic, honest, and caring octopus with a splash of sadism. They like long swims in the ocean, are into making Ink Art, and has an infectious giggle.

For the logo I wanted to create something very playful and fun but also representative of parts of Queer lifestyles, hence a queer little octopus. I also have a deep love for the ocean and think Octopi are really interesting. You’d might be surprised to find out octopi and humans have more in common than many people realise. One particularly interesting thing about octopi is their ability to change colour and camouflage themselves as a defense mechanism. Many people have to camouflage or hide certain parts of themselves or their personalities to survive in a world that isn’t always welcoming towards differences. 

The inspiration for the name came from a show I watched as a child, my favourite characters name was Spinelli. She was a bad ass, rough and tumble female character that didn’t take no for an answer. As a child I felt seen by her. As an adult I still don’t like taking no for an answer, I like to find creative solutions to problems, and I like to use my skills to support people in my communities.

My goal for Spinelly Coaching and Consulting is to support and empower individuals to embrace differences in order to enact social change and show their true colours without fear. In the future I hope to create a story book or tv show based on Spinelly and all Their ocean friends for children normalizing many aspects of queer life.

I have built Spinelly Coaching and Consulting on the values of diversity, kindness, creativity, respect, trust and honesty.