Welcome to Spinelly

Welcome to Spinelly Coaching and Consulting, I am excited to embark on this journey with you!

I’m Charity, the creator and founder of Spinelly Coaching and Consulting. My professional and educational experience is based around Social Work, Human Rights, Community Development, and Advocacy.

I created Spinelly because at several points in time I have sought mental health services or support to get over some of life’s hurdles only to have to filter through many professionals searching for someone who could meet my needs. I have always fallen outside the norm as an invisible neurodiverse child to identifying within the LGBTQIA2+ spectrum. I often felt disheartened when I was not able to find someone who could understand, empathize, and relate to the many intersections of my identity. I especially did not want to be the teach when it came to very aspects of my life; that should not be a clients responsibility.

The aim of Spinelly Coaching is to provide psychosocial support services to those who fall outside of societal “norms” those who identify as Queer, LGBTQIA2+, Non- Monogamous, Kinky, Neurodiverse, and anyone else who has felt unseen in traditional mental health services and support. Spinelly Coaching involves understanding where you are now, where you want to go, and how to get there. Think of it has having a personal confidant, cheerleader, and advocate!

Beyond 1:1 coaching for individuals, Spinelly Consulting aims to work with communities, companies, and businesses by providing training, workshops, and talks to advocate for and advance the needs of individuals who often fall through the cracks.

I offer a free consultations to anyone who is curious about Spinelly. From my own experiences seeking support, I know how important it is for you to get a chance to know me and discuss your unique needs without the pressure of making a financial commitment. All services are available online regardless of time zones.

Sincerely, Charity