Abortion Access in Germany

Having an unwanted pregnancy can be a stressful experience, and navigating the legal and medical system in Germany when seeking an abortion can be daunting.  The driving motivation behind Spinelly coaching is empowering individuals, and towards that end I have compiled some resources to help anyone who is looking for support in this process.  Coaching […]

Happy Pride Month

This month I am trying an audio newsletter as this feels more sustainable to me long term as a dyslexic person. For more information check out the My Body My Choice Program

Why an Octopus?

To help answer this question let me introduce Spinelly. Spinelly is a kinky, queer, non monogamous, friendly non binary octopus. Their pronoun is They/ Them. Spinelly is very playful, curious, mischievous, empathetic, honest, and caring octopus with a splash of sadism. They like long swims in the ocean, are into making Ink Art, and has […]

A Journey with Grief

April showers bring May flowers! In recent weeks Berlin has become more alive with sunshine, flowers, green trees, green grass, and the lakes are beginning to warm. Social restrictions are slowly being relaxed – whether this is wise time will tell.  I continue to be cautious in my social interactions and follow hygiene regulations whilst […]

Love and Connection

Hello There!  April has been a rocky roller coaster of a month full of wonderful highs and some of my lowest of lows. Over the course of the past few months our world has drastically changed and I have no doubt that others have also had a roller coaster ride too. The aim is to […]

Welcome to Spinelly

Welcome to Spinelly Coaching and Consulting, I am excited to embark on this journey with you! I’m Charity, the creator and founder of Spinelly Coaching and Consulting. My professional and educational experience is based around Social Work, Human Rights, Community Development, and Advocacy. I created Spinelly because at several points in time I have sought […]